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Marmalade for The Queen

To celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, the organisers of this year’s Marmalade Awards included a category called “Marmalade for The Queen”. This generated over 100 jars of marmalade made from citrus fruits and many were decorated with red, white and blue labels and lids.
As a Queen’s Guide I decided to make some marmalade that would celebrate both the Guiding movement, for which Her Majesty is the patron, and to mark the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee. Taking inspiration from the trefoil on my Queen’s Guide Badge I decided to make a Regal Trefoil Marmalade based on a recipe for a Three Fruit Marmalade from my book First Preserves using grapefruit, Seville orange, lemon, granulated sugar and water. The marmalade was prepared by hand and cooked using traditional methods. I commissioned a label for the marmalade – a replica of the Queen’s Guide Badge – from Big Blu Design, and made several batches of the marmalade to ensure that I could offer the best I was capable of making. Continue reading Marmalade for The Queen