Award-winning Men into Marmalade

How do you compete against 1700 jars of marmalade and win an award? Last weekend at the annual Marmalade Awards two competitors Steve Probert and Rob Walster entered the Man-Made Seville Orange Marmalade category and came away with Gold Awards. Steve Probert is new to marmalade-making. Two years ago he talked to me at the Marmalade Awards during an epic marmalade- making session with a group of Girl Guides. He was keen to learn how to make a great marmalade. I suggested he tried the recipe I used to win Best of the Best at the Awards in 2008. On Saturday I was delighted to meet Steve again. Using the recipe in First Preserves, Steve had won the Man-Made Seville Orange marmalade category. His jar was awarded a double gold. 
I am a great believer in making small batches of marmalade as the set is quick (less than 10 minutes)
and the flavour is a balance of the fruit and sugar used in the recipe. Steve admitted he had tried doubling the recipe from First Preserves. He quickly reverted to making small batches as the results
 were superior to those with a larger yield of marmalade.
Rob Walster is also new to marmalade. In 2011 he entered the Awards for the first time, and was awarded 19/20 for his marmalade. Rob also used the recipe from First Preserves which he made at one of my marmalade masterclasses. This year he scored 20/20, a Gold Award winner with his marmalade displayed with the other Gold Award winners at Dalemain. A fantastic achievement for the designer and photographer of First Preserves.

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